• Hooghiemstraplein 15
  • 3514 AX, Utrecht
  • The Netherlands

Team & Approach

Studio Naam shifts brands forward, grows businesses and leads transitions. We use strategy and design thinking to inspire and connect.

We seek results that exceed expectations, engage and surprise. We distill and define the why, helping businesses speak to their audience with meaning, regardless of the medium. Our solutions are outspoken, methodic, clear and effective by bridging the gap between physical and digital. Our approach is engaging, collaborative, passionate, open and honest.

We focus on creating work that carefully balances usability with beauty and innovation. Through curiosity, thorough research and attention to detail we achieve smart and measurable solutions.

Core Values

Over the years we have designed and built lasting customer experiences for amazing organisations. In this quickly changing world we consistently create excellent experience design through these core values:

01. Clarity through simplicity

Smart solutions are clear, and they work. We unveil the essence and remove the ‘noise’.

02. Ideas are everything

To create something extraordinary that resonates through all channels, you need a great idea, a common anomaly.

03. Easy to talk to

We have an open-door policy and love communication. We're sincere and direct.

04. Attention to detail

We believe that every intricacy deserves our fullest attention for a fitting and considerate outcome.

05. When it makes sense

We're always evaluating and measuring to create more effective products. And when it makes sense, we take action.

06. Passionate

We live for great experiences (and bbq's). We are focussed, keen on learning and sharing knowledge. We are passionate.

Bold brands we believe in

We love working with organisations who understand that impact is the result of sustainable vision, trust, accountability and smart design.

Through the years we’ve been fortunate enough to work with an amazing array of brands. A small selection can be found below.

Yeah! Get to know us. Give us a challenge, we dig that. Our doors are always open, feel free to come by.