Meet the Team — Bart Jansen (UX Researcher / Designer)

by Timothy Maurer
Oct. 1st, 2017
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We’d like to welcome our newest team-member, Bart. He’s been with us for a couple weeks now, and slowly settling in as the jokester of the studio. Besides his sarcasm, Bart offers us his expertise on UX research, and is very interested in learning more about the UI side of life. Besides that, he re-organized our entire kitchen on his second day…

Originally from Harderwijk, he spend most of his time in Arnhem (a Dutch design hub) to learn all about UX. Now he’s back in his hometown, and he specifically asked me to tell everyone he’s not a Dolphin Trainer (which he spelled with capitals).

Prior to joining Naam he worked in several interesting places. From graphic design at the Ministry of Defense to interning at Allyourmedia, where he was part of several cool projects.

Bart doesn’t give a damn what other people think about him, we like that, he says he likes that too. He also said this: “Be yourself, you know. Have fun, do things that get you excited, excel in what you love doing, and if that doesn’t work, try again. No shame in that, heck, that should deserve more praise than actually succeeding. Slowly find your strengths and remember ‘de tweede espresso smaakt nooit zo lekker als de eerste’.”

We don’t really know what that last thing meant, but we’d love to believe he means something like: “you can strive for better, but always be aware of what you do have”.

We asked Bart for a quote about his brilliant choice of career:

“I got irritated by shitty websites, so naturally I decided to design them myself. I try to make my designs the least amount of ‘tenenkrommend’ as possible. That’s not a mantra. Not yet at least.”

In his spare time he has teamed up with his partner to set up an apparel brand called ‘blackleaves’. Which we all think is really cool! As previous apparel brand owners we can even teach them a thing or two.

He’s very much looking forward to improve his skills and work on challenging projects. Currently we’ve got him working on a television show’s website. In an effort to make him famous of course. Every design studio needs at least one BN’er*.

That’s it. Expect to hear from him! National TV, here he comes.

*Bekende Nederlander (a famous Dutch person)

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by Timothy Maurer

Partner & Interactive Creative Director at Studio Naam