Cream Co.
Online portfolio for a renowned Chicago art collective.

An engaging way to present their projects.
Chicago based art collective Cream Co. came to us with a request to build a new digital home for their work that was as explorative and exciting as the projects themselves.
  • UI & UX Design
  • Webdesign

From big screens to small screens,
one consistent experience.

With this experimental client, we had permission to be experimental with our design. The work is the main focus of the Cream Co. site, so we drew attention to it right away with an interactive header.

Cream Co. website design on mobile, tablet & desktop

The responsive nature of this website also improves its search engine optimization, also known as SEO.

Visual identity

While it wasn’t part of our briefing to create a new brand for Cream Co., we wanted to ensure they enjoyed a consistent typographic language going forward. We made a simple update to their logo and typeface to give them a more established, modern, and clean look.

On the new homepage we have an interactive experience controlled by the mouse position on the screen. The last image shows a preview of the effect.


Explore their amazing portfolio,
with a bold navigational experience.

  • Interactive navigational experience
  • Showcases individual artists
  • Call-to-actions on every page
  • Signposting around the site
Cream Co. image of Perpetual Time project
Cream Co. image of the For Real installation
Cream Co. image of several small white rocks
Responsive design

A consistent experience,
across all screen sizes.

Cream Co.’s responsive website is just as interesting to view as the desktop, with dynamic layouts and micro interactions to make the browsing experience feel unique and satisfying.

3 mobile phones showing various page designs of the Cream Co website

Beautifully curated,
unique projects.

  • Full screen zoom on all images
  • CMS building blocks for creating cases
  • Filter function to narrow down categories
  • An online gallery with lots of white space

Each project page has carefully selected imagery, edited and arranged to tell a story. To make updating the website as easy as possible, we gave the artists at Cream Co. the ability to keep building project cases with an easy to use CMS back-end and a simple guide to follow.

Cream Co. members and project pages design shown on 2 black laptops

A system of re-usable blocks for image and text allows for as much customization as possible without compromising the overall layout of each page.


A user-centered approach to lead to more inquiries.

All of the websites we create are designed around its users. For Cream Co.'s new website, we focused mainly on the navigation and designed the menu to help the user focus on the most important elements. A week after launch, we were pleased to hear of new exhibitions and meetings being arranged based on the new website.

Cream Co. menu design shown on tablet
Cream Co. mobile contact page design on mockup

Photography and art by Cream Co.

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