Attracting talent in a crowded sector.

Drawing in new talent in a competitive sector.
Detron, a Dutch IT firm hired us to find a way to make their job application process more intuitive. In a market where talent is hard to find, they wanted to show applicants all of the benefits of working with them.

We designed an interactive video experience that tells the stories of several employees, from different departments of the company. As the viewer gets to know their potential future colleagues, the rest of the website helps them submit an application.
  • Font-end Development
  • UI & UX Design
  • Webdesign

Enjoy the stories
and apply at Detron.

The main purpose of the new Detron careers microsite was to give applicants all the information they needed about job roles within the company. Relying heavily on video content, the site creates funnels for potential applicants to follow before deciding whether or not to apply for the role.

Detron microsite overview on tablet and desktop

A microsite is a tool we use for small websites that runs alongside a main website to promote campaigns, or host specific information, such as careers.

Responsive design.

Detron’s microsite works smoothly across all devices and screens. With each of our websites we develop the responsive design with as much care as the desktop version.

Detron selection job function screen on tablet
Detron introducing male employee screen on tablet
Detron introducing female employee screen on tablet
Detron select job screen on tablet
Detron loading screen on tablet
Detron selection funnel on tablet
Detron fill-in-form image on tablet
Detron application process page on tablet.

A human touch.

For each job on offer, Detron created videos interviewing current employees to get a personal account of their experiences working there. The job microsite makes it easy to switch between these roles and understand the human element behind the larger company.

Detron employees in a circle
Key features

The website is designed with six important key features in mind.

  • Value driven
    The microsite puts Detron’s brand values in the limelight which in turn draws in the right kind of talent.
  • Show and tell
    Videos highlight real employees and allow them to share their experiences and passion.
  • Story first
    Recruiters often focus on skill first, story later, but not with Detron.
  • Experience
    With a more interesting application process, it encourages participation and activates users to apply.
  • Easy navigation
    Time is valuable and applications can be lengthy processes. We help by making navigation as easy as possible.
  • Make it personal
    We put a face to Detron, making it feel more accessible and human compared to the many other IT firms who put technology at the forefront.

User interface.

Application processes don’t have to be boring. We proved this through subtle use of iconography and graphics, making the site feel friendlier and clearer to understand.

Detron user interface elements
Brand preloader

An optimized experience by reduced loading times.

Detron microsite on Macbook

Videos are often large files that take some time to load. For the Detron microsite we decided to implement a preloader, that would disappear once the first video was loaded to create a seamless experience. In addition, we optimized the quality of the videos for the viewer's internet connection, improving loading times significantly.

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