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Hairplus MC
The secret to a fuller head of hair.

Leading the field, for over 35 years.
Hairplus is one of the oldest and leading hair transplant companies in the Netherlands, operating for over 35 years. With such a range of complex medical procedures on offer, they wanted a fresh new website with room for plenty of information and detailed pages about the different available procedures.
  • Back-end Development
  • Font-end Development
  • Prototyping
  • UI & UX Design
  • Webdesign
Library of knowledge

A wealth of information;
inform, don't sell.

The main objective behind the redesign of Hairplus’s website was to put the focus on informing potential new customers. From informative articles, to personal advice and evaluation sessions, Hairplus Medical Care wanted to assure customers of their professionalism, knowledge, and safe medical practice.

Hairplus Medical Care website pictured on 6 tablets

We created a framework of various pages that form the foundation of the entire website. Hairplus has the ability to choose one of these frameworks, upload content and create a completely new page. This ensures that new techniques, or developments in the field, can easily be documented and presented on the new website.

Landing page

All the information
right at your fingertips.

The homepage is a hub of information and contact points. Here you can submit photos for evaluation, book appointments, or quickly navigate through the website using the mega menu.

  • Instantly visible mega menu for quick navigation
  • Free photo consultation, easy upload
  • Clear call-to-actions for increased conversion
  • Built in appointment system
Hairplus Medical Care wireframe of homepage
Hairplus Medical Care image of homepage

User interface — icons to images

We created a family of icons to establish hierarchy and communicate complicated information. We made them accessible and friendly, to put more of a human touch to the sometimes intimidating medical content.

A collection of Hairplus icons
The extensive library of icons is constantly growing. The iconographic language helps to makes large quantities of difficult content accessible.
Contact & Detail page

Understanding your clients;
learn first, act later.

We connected a CMS to make the site easy to update. People that are interested in undergoing a medical procedure often go through many different types of content before making a decision. The new CMS allows Hairplus to share that content and help potential customers understand the ins and outs of a procedure.

  • Fill in forms for quick communication
  • Newsletter sign up present on every page
  • Sub-menus make navigation easy
  • Flexible building blocks for creating unique content
Image of the Hairplus Medical Care contact page
Hairplus Medical Care detail page
Hairplus Medical Care homepage on mobile
Hairplus unique selling points shown on mobile screen
Hairplus mobile menu on screen
Hairplus Medical Care photo evaluation on mobile

Responsive design

The Hairplus website is just as intuitive to use in responsive mode as desktop. We put a lot of focus on creating high quality responsive design experiences, optimized for any and all devices and screens.

Responsive webdesign is crucial in today's search engine optimization efforts, especially in a competitive market where search-ability is vital to find new customers.

Photography by Brooke Cagle and Getty Images.

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