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House of Lena
Putting a face on a high-end lifestyle store.

Making a house a home.
House of Lena is a brand new boutique lifestyle store with a heart as big as its collection. Together, we challenged ourselves to position House of Lena as the go-to lifestyle store in the heart of the Netherlands.

Offering a range of clothing, children’s toys, furniture, and decorative pieces, the brand needed to reflect the diversity of their collection whilst giving it the homely, welcoming vibe they desired. Playful, with the ability to be serious when necessary – our goal was to make this house feel like home.
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  • Research & Positioning Strategy
  • Webdesign

Making a house,
feel like a home.

The brand make-up is playful, using complementary colors in a range of bold variations to create contrast between elements. The basis of the logo is a simple geometric house. We took this apart and split it up into building blocks which can be used in isolation, or as a united piece.

An overview of House of Lena business cards.

Building a playful brand, with opportunity to expand.

The deliverables

We applied the new playful brand to a range of carefully chosen carriers. The brand comes to life in a variety of touch-points. From labels to gift cards, and in-store elements to the actual storefront itself.

Two graphic design clothing labels for House of Lena
House of Lena clothing on a design rack in store
House of Lena image of the in-store cash register House of Lena in-store clothing rack with sweaters

The inside of the store and brand had to feel like they belonged together. Geometry and brand elements were used throughout the interior to create a united and consistent brand experience.

Three receipt holders for the graphic design of the House of Lena brand identity
A small sticker on glass shows House of Lena branding
House of Lena brand identity gift card design
House of Lena brand identity receipt holder
House of Lena overview of business cards, gift cards and labels.
The website

From website to store
One page designed around usability.

House of Lena's website was built to introduce the new brand, and more importantly help people find directions to the actual store. This resulted in a simple, responsive, one-page platform which condenses its information down to only a brief summary, company culture, and contact details. It acts as a map in its own right to direct visitors to the store itself.

House of Lena website design on 3 mobile phones

One brand experience

To keep the brand experience consistent across all platforms, we designed the website using the same shapes and playful elements as the printed collateral, seamlessly tying blocks of information and imagery together.

House of Lena homepage design shown on desktop
House of Lena homepage design favorite brands section shown on desktop
House of Lena image of contact section on website
House of Lena image of website on desktop

The online platform is fully responsive on all devices, making accessibility and legibility our top priority.

A foundation to build on

The style-guide we created helps House of Lena maintain and build out their position as a reliable, mindful brand. With their playful and professional business-sense they are dedicated to bringing the Danish sense of 'hygge' to the Netherlands. That warm and inviting feeling which encourages you to feel right at home, was exactly what drove this project to a successful outcome.

House of Lena image of identity guidelines
Photography credits:

Tanja Heffner (via Unsplash)
Lieneke Koenen
Babette Boers

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Pompkracht illustration of two entrance doors, and one exit.
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