Kasboekje van Nederland
Uncovering the financial history of The Netherlands.

A growing database of Dutch financial history.
In collaboration with Dutch TV channel NTR, Utrecht University, and De Ruimte Ontwerpers we created the website for the series Kasboekje van Nederland. Kasboekje van Nederland is a multi-faceted project that explores how the Dutch organized their finances throughout time.

We were brought in to create an online platform where people could get in contact with researchers and send their documents for review. Additionally, this website grew out to become the platform for all the uncovered research, a database of articles, and go-to source for (re)watching or reading more behind the scenes information about the episodes that aired on Dutch national television.
  • Branding
  • Prototyping
  • Research & Positioning Strategy
  • UI & UX Design
  • Webdesign

Visualizing financial research
with engaging illustrations.

We worked alongside illustrator Welmoet de Graaf to bring the digital experience to life. Each page features beautifully detailed imagery which tells the story of that episode or section.

Overview of tablet, mobile and desktop view of Kasboekje website

The homepage is completely responsive, working across all devices and screens to ensure a high quality viewing experience for all.


The illustrative style is colorful and simplistic which translates well throughout the rest of the website through bold use of block colors. The illustrations draw you to key pages and information about each of the episodes.

Illustration of people storing boxes on attic
Kasboekje van Nederland illustration of two people at setting sun
Kasboekje van Nederland illustration of television, paint, coffee-machine, etc.

An illustrative iconographic language to support the episodes and research.

Kasboekje van Nederland. 'Op eigen benen' episode on iPhone
Kasboekje van Nederland homepage
The homepage

The entire project
on one page.

The homepage is built around the idea of a hallway. All its sections lead to different pages that contain more information on that part of the research. The user experience is revolved around an older target audience. Our choice of type and high contrast colors are both to improve their experience of the website.

  • Visualizing the past through engaging illustration
  • Homepage is a gateway to other parts of the website
  • Encourages active engagement to submit documents
  • Research articles and shared experiences
Visual components

From illustrations,
to user interface.

The entire website is built with a component system, that is organized by color and structure. The episodes each have an individual combination of colors that set them apart. The thumbnail cards make for easy navigation and are built with user interface components which are customizable to fit any of the episode's colors.

Kasboekje van Nederland 6 illustrations, one for every episode

Style elements.

We based our creation of style elements on the bright illustrative style, giving us room to be playful with colour and loose elements.

Kasboekje van Nederland user interface components

Photography, illustration and bright colors go hand-in-hand in this interface.

Episode Overview and Detail

Watch the episodes,
read additional research.

Each episode has an in-depth detail page summarizing its content. Additionally, it provides users with links to other related articles for further reading.

  • Playback all aired episodes
  • Preview upcoming episodes
  • Linked articles provide further reading
  • Easy navigation between episodes
Kasboekje van Nederland episodes overview page
Kasboekje van Nederland page episode: buy, buy, buy.
Episode themes

Six different episodes.
Six unique illustrations.

The illustrations effectively visualize the themes of the six different episodes in a unique and friendly way. The fresh colors were used throughout the website to hint at certain themes and episodes, creating a visual hierarchy and structure.

Kasboekje van Nederland road trip at sunset.
Kasboekje van Nederland man saving up for a new Vespa
Kasboekje van Nederland illustration of man unboxing an espresso machine
Kasboekje van Nederland illustration of two men with paint, wallpaper and a new house
Kasboekje van Nederland illustration of two people sitting next to a safe.
Kasboekje van Nederland illustration of family in front of a television.
Responsive design

Explore the website,
anywhere you go.

Every website we design and develop is responsive. We seamlessly translated Kasboekje's desktop experience to tablet and mobile, improving its usability and search engine optimization.

3 iPhone mockups show the Kasboekje van Nederland website.
Article Pages

Processing the documents,
sharing the research.

Articles can be submitted by researchers at the University of Utrecht to give even more background information into the processing of the documents and creation of the TV show. There are also personal accounts from people with their own interesting financial past.

  • In-depth articles written by the team
  • Articles uploaded through easy CMS
  • From images to quotes, the team has everything they need to create fresh content
Kaboekje van Nederland page showing all the articles and research
Kasboekje van Nederland article or news page

The illustrative language was translated to icons for use in articles and episode detail pages.

4 illustrations of a photo frame, post stamp, cheese wheel and notebook.

The illustrations range from everyday objects to food.

Episode detailpage

The episodes are still available online. Watch them on your tablet or computer.

All of Kasboekje's research and aired episodes are still available online. If you speak Dutch, we highly advise you to watch them and read the research. It's a fascinating topic and we are very excited to have worked on this project. The end result is a diverse and colorful project, much like the dedicated team of researchers, tv-makers, illustrators, and designers that were involved.

Kasboekje van Nederland episodes playback page on an iPad tablet
An iPad tablet showing the Kasboekje van Nederland website.

Visual Identity: De Ruimte Ontwerpers
Illustrations: Welmoet de Graaf
Research: Utrecht University - Oscar Gelderblom
Project Producer - Marcia van Woensel

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