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Kies Uw Cursus
Smart online course comparison

Making booking career-changing courses easier.
How can a new company establish themselves as players in an oversaturated market? By focussing on a smart search system combined with quick filter options, we delivered an easy to use and quick website where courses can be booked in one convenient place.
  • Branding
  • Proposal / Prototyping
  • Research & Positioning Strategy
  • UI & UX Design
  • Webdesign
The Homepage

Instant decision making,
with smart search functions.

With a focus on faster searching, improved filter methods, and an easy to use sales funnel, the new site grew and expanded quickly after its initial launch. The project's goal was to have each course just one click away from being booked.

Kies uw Cursus website design displayed on tablet, mobile and desktop

Each website we create is fully responsive across all platforms and devices. We make our designs accessible and inclusive for all audiences.

Visual identity

An adaptive language for a growing brand.

We gave Kies Uw Cursus a design system which will last into the future. With clean iconographic language, and a fresh color palette, we set them apart from their more conventional competitors.

Take it with you, wherever you go.

The website is intuitive and easy to use on mobile devices. We optimized its performance and made searching and booking courses just as fast and easy on smaller screens as on a desktop.

Girl holding phone with Kies uw Cursus about page displayed
Collection Page

From juridicial to marketing courses,
expanding into new territory.

With Kies Uw Cursus’s initial release, the site focussed completely on judicial courses. When they came to us a few months later with plans to expand, we helped them to grow from a single-focus site, into a hub for courses from many categories.

  • Intuitive search system
  • Icons for every category
  • Easy multi-channel navigation
  • Increasing brand visibility with newsletters
Kies uw Cursus homepage design

Visual components

We created a strong style through every element in the site. Each piece speaks the same visual language using distinct colors and a friendly typeface.

Kies uw Cursus user interface elements design

These elements are part of a design system that allowed us to quickly expand and iterate on existing designs, making room to focus on what matters; increasing usability.

The pages

From detail pages,
to filter systems.

The website contains many different kinds of pages. From booking funnels to course overviews, and frequently asked questions to a blog with the latest insights.

Kies uw Cursus about page design
Kies uw Cursus theme overview page design
Kies uw Cursus filter courses overview page design
Kies uw Cursus frequently asked questions page design
Kies uw Cursus blog page design
Kies uw Cursus contact fill-in-form page design
Kies uw Cursus alternative homepage design
Course overview & detail

Choose your course
search, scroll and filter.

The course overview page features a big filter to quickly narrow down results based on things like budget or location. Each course detail page includes everything from a full programme to speaker information and parking options at the course location.

  • A broad range of filters
  • Smart search is always present on top
  • Course cards highlight key information
  • Instant booking on every course
Kies uw Cursus homepage displayed on iphone on a glass table

On smaller devices we improved visibility of the smart search bar by prominently placing it on the center of the homepage.

Sales funnel

Logging in and completing orders is made simple with an easy fill-in form.

Kies uw Cursus login screen design
Kies uw Cursus sign up screen mockup
Kies uw Cursus sales funnel conformation screen mockup
Client panel

A future feature,
course provider client panel

Kies Uw Cursus is planning to expand their offerings with a new course provider client dashboard where they can personalize their courses, as well as analyse performance. Courses are all easily managed through the dashboard, making it easy to add new ones in bulk with a simple upload function.

Kies uw Cursus dashboard selected courses shown on tablet
Kies uw Cursus dashboard shown on tablet

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