Brand identity & Digital Design

Finding the right staff at the right time

A fresh take on temporary employment.
Pompkracht is a temporary employment agency specialized in providing workers and HR services for gas stations across The Netherlands. With plans to expand their operations, they hired us to help create a new website and employee sign-up funnel. The new digital products include various tools that allow interested workers to view the availability of jobs in their preferred area.
  • Branding
  • Proposal / Prototyping
  • UI & UX Design
  • Webdesign
The homepage

Pompkracht's new home,
built for usability.

The new Pompkracht homepage acts as a signpost to the functionality of the site. Multiple interaction points guide the visitor to the right area of the site, either as an employer seeking workers, or an employee seeking work.

Pompkracht overview of website on tablet, mobile and desktop
Visual identity

A colorful brand,
more than a logo.

Pompkracht challenged us to break the industry standard and come up with a surprising new brand identity. We created an expandable system, as playful as the brand’s personality.

Typography and colors used in the Pompkracht identity

The 'm' in Pompkracht's new logo resembles the outline of a gas station, combined with the bubbles from the petrol we created two simple, yet recognizable elements.


An icon is worth a thousand words.

Working closely alongside Pompkracht, we created a series of icon sets to guide visitors through the site in a playful and intuitive way.

Pompkracht icons used throughout the website
3 Pompkracht illustrations for the about page

The functional illustrations consist of a 3D-like appearance that is designed to be easily expandable in the future.

Overview of the homepage

Build trust, show possibilities.
Presenting options.

  • Room to explore for employers and employees
  • Shared experiences and stories
  • Showing partnerships to build trust
  • Clear call-to-actions and targeted USPs
Pompkracht homepage overview
Pompkracht employees-page overview
Pompkracht employer page overview
Overview Pages

Built for employees,
and employers.

  • Built for employees and employers
  • An upcoming app to take Pompkracht on the go
  • See new job openings instantly
  • Clear values and visions
  • A step-by-step of what to expect when applying
Sign-up funnel

Helping Pompkracht find
the most suitable candidates.

The application process is split up into simple page by page selectors. No confusion, no lengthy forms, and no unnecessary information. The best part; applicants can share how flexible their hours are per day, their maximum commute, and mode of transportation. The funnel will then adjust the amount of available gas stations, and tell you how likely it is for you to get a job with these variables.

Pompkracht sign up funnel choose employee or employer
Pompkracht sign up funnel availability per day
Pompkracht sign up funnel where visitors show availability
Pompkracht sign up funnel summary
Pompkracht partners with logo shown on mobile
Pompkracht contact page shown on mobile
Pompkracht homepage shown on mobile
Pompkracht employers page shown on mobile

Responsive design

Accessing the application funnel while on the go is easy with Pompkracht’s highly responsive website design. Each page has been designed to function perfectly on any device or screen.

Pompkracht 404 page showing a gas gauge on empty
Upcoming App

Simple but effective

Pompkracht is currently working on an app to make it easier for employees and employers to organize schedules, show availability and customize their profile. We've expanded the visual language with new illustrations for the app.

Preview of the upcoming Pompkracht app
Pompkracht illustration of two entrance doors, and one exit.
Pompkracht diamond illustration
Pompkracht illustration for employers

Making updates easy
with reusable components.

We built a completely customizable CMS to help Pompkracht continue improving their existing website and keep it up to date. Through this they can add new job postings, organize their team, or create entirely new pages.

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