Salon du Trezo

Salon du Trezo

Salon du Trezo reached out to us for a brand new identity. Established in 1938 and family owned from the beginning, they were ready for the next generation to take over.

This wasn’t just any ordinary challenge for us. We were presented with years of history and wanted to keep that legacy intact without losing the soul of the business. Together with the new generation we came up with a visual language that was both expandable and durable.


Brand Identity
Digital Design

Technical Services

Booking System
Front-end Development






One of the main concerns from the start was keeping the existing customers, and bringing in more foot traffic at the same time. We’ve handled this by creating an identity and visual language that is both welcoming and professional.

Increase in services

The responsive website makes it easier to book an appointment and has become an important extension of the booking system at the salon. The website also shows their increasing set of services. No longer were they just a hair-salon, but styling and make-up had become a new focal point of business.