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Twenty years of soil research on one public platform.

Client: SKB
Type: Digital Design, Information Architecture
Year: 2015

From 1995 till 2015 SKB played an important role in soil research in The Netherlands.

During the years they focussed on developing better and more cost-effective remediation methods to contribute to cleanup operations. They asked us to create a digital web-platform in which all of their research would be made openly available to the public.

The Website.

The website we created ensures that the acquired knowledge, will not get lost. To be able to divide this much information into a single overview we created an line-map based on a subway system.

In this map, the subway lines and stations were divided into three time periods that were significant for SKB. Each article is connected to other similar articles and external research that is publicly available on the SKB Soilpedia.

This ensured a quick navigation between articles that were similar. Making browsing easier.

Below an overview of an Article page.

SKB in progress, measuring and researching.

The Challenge.

To accompany two different kind of visitors we created two main views to go through all the articles and categories. The first view is an exploration mode, where visitors browse with help of the line-system. It will take them on a visual adventure through all the research. The second is a smart overview of all the categories, purpose build for visitors that quickly want to find a certain topic, or other information suitable to them.

Most importantly for them is the extensive search function. It allows the visitor to directly search the site and all the articles. It makes it easy to get in and out quickly and not be distracted by the visual exploration side of the website.

View the website.

Photography by SKB

The following services were provided: Information Architecture, Visual Design, Front- and Back-end Development.

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