A new Naam. — A new future.

by Studio Naam
Oct. 30th, 2018
A canvas tote bag with a Naam logo enamel pin
Over the last year we've rebranded all of our company touchpoints to better reflect our current services and approach. The new overall Naam. brand is friendly and fun, but also professional and direct. Our focus is now more than ever, directed toward projects that improve real business goals.

The recent improvements to our brand and services are the biggest changes we’ve implemented as a company so far. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen our projects steadily move from print to digital, with a focus on translating, curating, and building effective brand experiences over many different platforms.

In addition, our team is steadily growing as we bring in more talent and expand our client base. We’re not the type of company to back away from a challenge, so we decided to go all in. We re-evaluated our services to provide more customized approaches for each of our clients and re-established ourselves around our strong roots and company culture.


About Naam.

We are a digital creative agency that partners with ambitious companies to create brand experiences for people worldwide. We started back in late 2010 as a collective of four graphic designers with no real plan apart from wanting to create bold, high quality print projects. We worked on challenges for various companies, big and small, famous and not. We were just happy to be creating.

Fast forward a decade and we’ve changed tremendously. Our workflows are refined and carefully chosen for their effectiveness. Our projects evolved from mostly print to mostly digital, with the fast pace to match. We now work together with our clients on projects that are focused around the needs of their audience, creating real business opportunities that help shift brands forward.


Playing ping pong on a pink table and a beautiful shelve with cacti and Eames chair at the Naam office

Thijs taking his ping pong skills to the pink table.


Why rebrand?

With so many structural changes we felt the old, minimal brand no longer captured our essence. We’ve outgrown our initial approach of pure aesthetics, now we aim to move the needle. Our vision is to help people make sense of things by creating stories and products that originate from an iterative, communicative, and creative process through a merge of strategy, technology, and creativity. We’ve been applying this process to many different clients over the years and felt it was time to give our own brand that same treatment.

At the beginning of this year, we set ourselves the goal of updating our brand and website. It took a lot of time and commitment, but finally here we are, with a new, future-proof brand to call our own.

This new brand is a reflection of our internal drive and love for challenges. It’s friendly and approachable, just like our team and people-first attitude. We hold these values in high regard; they are the foundation of our company culture, helping us to create strong internal, and external, relationships with our team and clients.



Our values:

We are curious.

We use our curiosity to drive us forward and keep our love for our work alive. We talk, learn, research, ask, argue, and grow together as a team. We’re always exploring possibilities and we never settle for the obvious path.

We are approachable.

We’re friendly and open with everyone we meet. We believe there’s no such thing as a stupid question, so ask us anything. We don’t put others down and we never judge.

We are open minded.

We welcome everyone with open arms. Just be yourself, relax, and enjoy the ride. We have one simple rule; don’t be an asshole. Leave your ego at the door and open yourself up to learn along with us.

We are dependable.

We keep to our deadlines and deliver on promises. We strive to shatter expectation and always aim to one-up ourselves.

We are sincere.

We’re always honest with ourselves and our clients. We speak our minds and learn to take constructive criticism the same way we deal it out. We always stay humble and listen to the opinions of others.

We are professionals.

We always have a plan. We know what we’re doing, and we base decisions on years of experience. We’re a strong ally for our clients’ companies, and we treat each of them with the same respect; big or small.


Even in this ever-changing industry, our purpose to deliver breakthrough strategy, design, and innovation remains steadfast. With the right focus, we believe the possibilities for Naam., and our partners, are endless.


Two floating iPhone XS with the new Naam brand and website.

Presenting the brand new Naam website.


What we do

We help ambitious companies explore the possibilities of the future. Innovation doesn’t come from looking at the past, but by exploring new opportunities and prospective outcomes.

Since we started Naam. there’s been one constant which has carried us through. We learn by designing. The biggest difference between then and now is that we’ve optimized the frameworks in which we do that. We now have the ability to quickly test ideas with Design Sprints, explore the real scope of a project with our Discovery Phase, do a complete project with our Design & Build workflow, or tag along with our clients in a Continuous Design process. Whether we create a new marketing website, a complete new brand, or update an existing digital product, these are our go to workflows. During the years they’ve proved to help our clients find cheaper, better, and quicker solutions to resolve business opportunities.

Our areas of expertise are:

Strategy & Insights

Our strategic approach is insight-driven, revolving around mixed teams that explore opportunities and goals from multiple angles.

Brand & Identity

Through strong branding, we create personality and consistent brand experiences, helping you build new customer relationships and strengthen existing ones.

Websites & Digital Products

We design and build digital experiences for the connected world, making user-centered websites and products that deliver exceptional experiences for all devices.

Content Creation

Brands are more than just a logo and identity. Solid creative direction through all elements is what differentiates a good brand from a great one. We can help you create original and unique content, driven by authentic brand values and goals.


It’s our goal to work with ambitious brands that people love, inspire others, build strong relationships, and create visual stories that help people make sense of things.



Beyond the Netherlands

Our field and services are inherently international, as brands and digital products operate on a global scale. Our clients are located all over the world and luckily keeping in touch is easy with all the options for digital communication. But ultimately, nothing beats personal relationships where we can be in the same room as our clients. That brings me to the last topic of this article. With a new brand, came new, bigger, and better future goals. One of these is a rather ambitious idea to set up a satellite office, allowing us to work even more closely with our clients.

To summarize, we’re really excited to be introducing our new brand and website and we truly believe it has the ability to carry us into the next era. We can’t wait to see what comes next.


Do you want to find out more about us? Do we sound like the perfect partner for your project? Want to make something beautiful and effective? Feel free to contact us with all your questions.


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by Studio Naam