About us

Connecting people to brands since 2010.

Our team of multidisciplinary professionals care about creating engaging brand experiences through the power of collaboration. We are bold, honest, progressive, and future focused. We have a passion for creating products that change the way people interact with brands and technology for the better.

Who we are
Throughout the years we've been fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands, helping them create and launch experiences which are now enjoyed by many people, worldwide.
The six pillars

How we grow, think, act, and learn.

We are curious

We use our curiosity to drive us forward and keep our love for our work alive. We talk, learn, research, ask, argue, and grow together as a team. We’re always exploring possibilities and we never settle for the obvious path.

We are approachable

We’re friendly and open with everyone we meet. We believe there’s no such thing as a stupid question, so ask us anything. We don’t put others down and we never judge.

We are open minded

We welcome everyone with open arms. Just be yourself, relax, and enjoy the ride. We have one simple rule; don’t be an asshole. Leave your ego at the door and open yourself up to learn along with us.

We are dependable

We keep to our deadlines and deliver on promises. We strive to shatter expectation and always aim to one-up ourselves.

We are sincere

We’re always honest with ourselves and our clients. We speak our minds and learn to take constructive criticism the same way we deal it out. We always stay humble and listen to the opinions of others.

We are professionals

We always have a plan. We know what we’re doing, and we base decisions on years of experience. We’re a strong ally for our clients’ companies, and we treat each of them with the same respect; big or small.

Studio Culture

Do you want to learn more about us? Check out our journal for articles about Studio Naam.

What we care about

Asking 'what if?'— Making it fun and exciting — People and relationships — Voicing your opinions — Embracing fear — Making people smile — Dressing however we want

Going all in — Finding meaning and purpose — Designing with data and heart — Asking tough questions — Aiming for wonderful experiences — Never giving up — Always asking why

Reducing noise, adding value — Building prototypes for better presentations — Working with good people — Speaking up for your ideas — Creating bold solutions for ambitious companies

Awards & Achievements
We're not in it for the achievements.
But we sure love getting them.




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Honourable Mention

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UI / UX Award - Innovation Award - Special Kudos

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How we work

Our 5-stage process is a flexible method for addressing today's challenges

We merge strategy and creativity to build consistent and purposeful relationships between brands and their audience. Our method is flexible and constantly evolving, helping us stay most effective in today's quickly changing world.

Stage 00


Whether you’re already facing a problem, or want to future-proof your company against the problems of tomorrow, we’re here to help. Is your product adding value to the life of your user? Or are you trying to create a better future for your business?


Stage 01

Discover & Understand

Here we map out your problem and get to know your company. We explore and observe to gain insight into your process, revealing key opportunities for improvement. We start to create a plan together with you and figure out how we can start building toward a more sustainable future for your company.


Stage 02

Strategy & Vision

Now we start to look for patterns and opportunity in the research we’ve gathered so far, and begin to translate this into a viable plan for the project. A solid strategy not only saves time, but can also help to unleash the full potential of a brand.


Stage 03

Exploration & Design

Contrary to the order, we almost always start a project with sketches, and continue to iterate throughout. During this stage, we take some of our sketches and start to give them real shape and definition.


Stage 04

Implementation & Production

This stage elevates our designs and prototypes into tangible products. We put websites live, send designs off to printers, or wrap your new brand up in a style guide.


Stage 05

Improvement & Impact

Once you’ve launched your new product or brand, we closely monitor it to ensure it fits all the needs and requirements of the end-users, and fulfills the original goals we set out to achieve. We keep your product safeguarded through monthly backups and tight brand guidelines, giving you the best possible recipe for success. We track progress on our sites through analytics and continue to gain insight into the end-users.


We offer many different workflows that fit your company’s setup or best tackles your project.

Our clients

Brands we love.

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