— Honourable mention for the Westeria project

by Studio Naam
Jul. 18th, 2022
It’s always great when other people are as excited about our projects as we are. That’s why we are honoured to have received an honourable mention from for one of our latest projects: a new website for Westeria.
Westeria is one of the world’s leading companies in creating machinery for the circular economy. Through innovation and with over 60 years of experience, they create solutions for recycling and material handling. Their product portfolio has grown significantly over the years to include high quality machines, technical know-how, and excellent service.
The challenge for Naam was to create a tailored website experience which highlights both complete infrastructures and individual machinery to match Westeria’s client demands. With help of an external 3D animation company, we created an interactive element in the homepage to highlight the four main product categories of Westeria. With swift 3D visuals and highlights that explain specific features, the visitor gets an idea of how each machine works. 
The rest of the website is built out of a set of flexible modules, with everything from text blocks to imagery and call-to-actions. This gives Westeria full flexibility and allows them to build every page with just the right amount of content and the right flow. It also allows Westeria to expand the website and add new pages.
This new website will set Westeria apart from their competition for many years. Thanks, for the honourable mention!
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by Studio Naam