BredaPhoto’s New Website is Live!

by Carly Berendsen
Aug. 2nd, 2022
As a full-service digital design studio we help our clients with digital design in the broadest sense of the word. We create everything from branding and print work to websites and apps, and for one of our long-term clients we got to do (almost) all of it last year. Besides creating the campaign for the upcoming festival, we also launched a new website for BredaPhoto!

BredaPhoto exhibits visual stories that inspire, move, confront, raise new questions, and demonstrate that photography is the artistic medium at the heart of society. Their biggest flagship is BredaPhoto Festival, which is the largest photo festival in the Netherlands that is held biennially in the city centre of Breda. Besides the festival, Bredaphoto also organizes several talent, support and education programs that help young and upcoming artists in Europe develop their talent.

For Bredaphoto it was time to upgrade their old online presence to a new website that not only highlights the festival, but all the projects that they do, and most importantly, to create a platform where they can properly showcase the beautiful images of all the talented artists they work with. With this in mind, we created a flexible platform with an eye-catching homepage that offers a lot of possibilities to showcase the work of different photographers and that allows BredaPhoto to shift the focus between different projects throughout the year.

Visit Bredaphoto’s new website here, or check out our other work.

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by Carly Berendsen