Naam x Awwwards Digital Conf. Amsterdam

by Joris Spiertz
Oct. 17th, 2023
Just before the summer, we received an invitation from Awwwards to present with Naam at Awwwards Digital Conference 2023. We have been busy in recent weeks with all the preparations to translate our story into a presentation. The result; 126 slides, 25 minutes, 500+ visitors and a good round of applause at the end.

Het voelt als een ontzettende eer om hier te mogen staan tussen tal van andere toonaangevende ontwerpers, studio's en agencies.


Awwwards Digital Conference 2023 lasted three days with 30+ speakers sharing their insights on the creative perspectives for the future. A wide range of expertise has been shared with the visitors of the event in the form of presentations and workshops. In addition to sitting and listening, there was plenty of opportunity to network and meet other like-minded people in the capital.

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by Joris Spiertz