New Website Launch — Translation & Localization company Acclaro

by Studio Naam
Jul. 6th, 2022
About a year ago, we received an email from New York. One of the top translation & localization companies worldwide was looking to upgrade their current website because it didn’t reflect their brand and values anymore. After months of hard work, many meetings and even a visit from our client, the new Acclaro website was launched last April.
Acclaro is an international translation & localization company that helps international leading brands succeed across cultures. The agency specializes in expertly adapting brands, products and services to new language markets. We created a new website from the ground up that communicates Acclaro’s values, services and a recognizable brand.
Because Acclaro is a well-known brand in the industry, we did not want to loose the already established visual identity. For that reason, we created additional visual elements such as patterns, icons and colors to build each web page without losing sight of the brand’s recognizability.
The new website was created with ultimate flexibility in mind. With help of an extensive set of flexible building blocks, Acclaro is able to create new pages and flows themselves to test, iterate and optimize. Besides the homepage, we created three additional landing pages that target each type of visitor Acclaro has, to help them find exactly the information they need.
Want to experience te website yourself? Click the link to visit.
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by Studio Naam