Development & Webdesign

Global translations and localization services with a human touch.

Acclaro is one of the world’s top translation and localization companies that helps international leading brands succeed across cultures. The agency specializes in expertly adapting brands, products and services to new language markets.
In collaboration with Naam, a new website was created from the ground up to communicate Acclaro’s values, services and recognizable brand.
  • Strategy
  • UI & UX Design
  • User flows
  • Webdesign
  • Webdevelopment
Responsive design

A consistent experience, across all screen sizes.

Acclaro’s responsive website is just as interesting to view as the desktop, with dynamic layouts and micro interactions to make the browsing experience feel unique and satisfying.

New Website Launch for Acclaro

Working with an existing brand.

Acclaro has a well known brand in the industry.
Naam created additional visual elements such as patterns, icons and colors to build each web page without losing sight of the brand's recognizability.

Visual components

A coherent design system

We created a strong style through every element in the site. Each piece speaks the same visual language using distinct colors and a friendly typeface.

User Journeys

Flexible building blocks to create stunning lay-outs.

  • Easy drag and drop CMS modules
  • Test, optimize and iterate
  • Super flexible templates

The right information for each target audience is just a click away. With custom landing pages and call-to-actions, each type of visitor is guided towards a section in the website to find more information.

Get Started

Turn visitors into leads.
Custom call-to-actions.

  • Customized user journeys
  • One coherent visual experience
  • Salesforce integration
Flexible Forms

Making connections and growing business.

To ensure every lead is directed to the right sales department, we’ve created custom flexible forms that connect to the inhouse sales department of Acclaro.

With various call-to-actions, the visitor is either guided towards the ‘Get Started’ section, or is connected with a direct contact-person.

The Result

Turning the Acclaro website into a Success Story.

With our custom solutions for Acclaro, we have been able to provide a seamless integration that fits both the current and future workflow of the customer. Several tools such as Salesforce are linked to forms to streamline information for both the visitor and the team behind the website.


Design and Development by the Naam team.

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