App Design

An intuitive interface and user flow for a complex maritime navigation application

QPS Qastor is known throughout the world as a market leader in technology for precise maritime navigation software.
Naam created a custom user flow and interface to make important information and insightful details available for ship pilots who work under extreme pressure. Their goal; get ships in and out of the harbor safely, and without delays. All information is a fingertip away to make sure well-considered choices can be made, based on real-time data.
  • Strategy
  • UI & UX Design
  • User flows
User Experience

The right information for the journey.
Focus on what’s important

We worked closely together with both QPS and Loodswezen to make sure every step in their journey aboard the ship is matched with the right focus on information within the Qastor app.

Alert, at all times.

A pilot can be called upon night and day to pilot a ship into, or out of port. At the start of the voyage there is time to analyze information like the movement of other ships, tide values, wind and currents. As soon as the pilot has been brought on board, all focus is directed to the chart and critical information values.

Information that Matches the Journey

All information available everywhere, any time of the day.

It is essential that information is always legible and up to date. For this reason, the Qastor app has been rolled out for desktop, tablet, mobile and wearables.

The map and interface have different color shades to match the time of day. With an intuitive radial menu you can switch easily to a colormode that suits the pilot best.

Visual Assets

Design System.

Every aspect of the application has been carefully designed. A clear design system was chosen to ensure that new features and design sprints follow a coherent visual line. Naam keeps adding new additions to the shared library to make sure every new feature is optimized in the best way possible.

Visual Assets

Sprints and Improvements

A digital product is never ready. New insights and user testing reveal additional required functions and tools. These are picked up in short sprints and added to the design system.

The Result

A close collaboration with QPS

“Studio Naam has, to our full satisfaction, translated the wishes of our users into a design that gives our product, Qastor, a user-friendly and professional appearance. The positive interaction with our development team has resulted in valuable time savings. Qastor is used by our global user base to perform complex maritime navigation tasks in an intuitive way.”

Duko van der Schaaf
Product Owner


Development and implementation by QPS.

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