Development & Webdesign

A website to showcase projects, photo exhibitions and new talent ‍to the general public.

BredaPhoto exhibits visual stories that inspire, move, confront, raise new questions, and demonstrate that photography is the artistic medium at the heart of society. Every two years BredaPhoto organizes the largest photo festival in The Netherlands, and next to that they also manage several talent, support and education programs that help young and upcoming artists in Europe develop their talent.

With large images and an immersive homepage hero, the new website offers Bredaphoto a place to showcase both their projects and beautiful relevant and state of the art photography.
  • Back-end Development
  • Font-end Development
  • UI & UX Design
  • Webdesign
User Experience

An eye-catching hero slider
that highlights the beauty of photography.

For BredaPhoto it was important that the new website not only highlights the biannual festival, but offers a platform for all projects that they do. The flexible homepage hero allows BredaPhoto to shift the order of focus between different projects.

Page Flows

Focus on photography
without compromises.

Images take up a prominent position in this website, not only in the homepage hero but on every single page. With the help of the flexible building blocks we created, Bredaphoto can showcase beautiful photography in different flows and layout on every page.

In the run-up to a festival edition, BredaPhoto can transform the website to support the online and offline campaign with additional information and digital building blocks. The hero plays a big role in directing the visitor towards the right information like venues, projects or tickets.


Tools to grow.

With each website we create, it is important that our customers can easily make changes themselves. Text, images and complete pages can be adjusted or created via the content management system. Whatever is planned for the coming years, the website can easily grow.


Festival photography by Ron Magielse

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