Development & Webdesign

A new online home to showcase bespoke audiovisual solutions.

Faber partners up with clients worldwide to create immersive audiovisual experiences that leave a lasting impression. With their know-how and creative technical solutions Faber delivers the highest standard to actualise live, hybrid and online events.

The challenge for Naam; create a bespoke website experience to show off Faber’s impressive range of projects, while also highlighting their services for various branches. With an interactive homepage, custom landing pages and a range of modular web elements, Faber is able to showcase their impressive portfolio and expertise.
  • Back-end Development
  • Font-end Development
  • UI & UX Design
  • User flows
  • Webdesign
  • Webdevelopment
Animations and interactions

An interactive homepage,
to match Faber's immersive experiences.

Our focus for the homepage was to create an interactive experience for the visitor. As soon as you start scrolling, the background and 3D visuals trigger to highlight the creative process of Faber. The webpage consists of different sections, each showing a part of the business.

Function and aesthetics

Wireframes and prototypes allowed us to test whether our interpretation of content was correct before we started designing. The result; a functional website that also looks stunning.

Dedicated landing pages for each branch

We created digital tools for Faber to filter out information on various landing pages. Each page consists of branch-related information, examples and case-studies.

Design System

Every aspect of the Faber website has been carefully designed with flexibility in mind. Faber is able to set up new pages and flows themselves to test, iterate and optimize.

Visual ingredients

Stunning projects and photography
To showcase to the world.

Faber provided us with high-end marketing photography to include into the design of the website. The photos highlight the quality of productions and range of solutions.

User Journeys and Navigation

We worked closely together to map out all user journeys. The right information for each target audience is just a click away.

Throughout the website we created call-to-actions which will lead towards dedicated contact pages. It’s just that easy to reach out to Faber.

With flexible modules it is easy to build up pages. This example module gives Faber the possibility to highlight utilised products and features within an image to present individual technical solutions.

The result

A close collaboration with Faber.
What our customer says.

“We came to Studio Naam with the need for an agency that could act as both partner and project manager on an intensive project. This turned out to be the right choice considering the clear and pleasant communication. We valued the clear presentation of the [im]possibilities, the designs and the proactive management. 

The result is a high-quality, interactive, innovative website, brand book and styled template documents. Both colleagues and clients are impressed with the quality of the delivered work.”

Jasper Reijgers
Division Manager Marketing Communication & Sales - Broadcast


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