Brand identity & Identity

A visual identity for high-end aluminium bike framesets.

Raamwerk creates high-end aluminium bike framesets — 
A community-driven brand focussed on durability, and inspired by the right-to-repair movement.

Their frames are multi-functional; from racing in competitions to a sprint to your local bakery. Choosing a Raamwerk frame allows you to build your dream bike, while bringing back the pleasure and ease of being your own mechanic.

Naam created a versatile visual identity, product branding, and a clear set of visual ingredients to build a strong future-focussed and coherent brand experience.
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The foundation

A bold and flexible visual identity
to match Raamwerk’s framesets.

We have designed an identity from the ground up that is flexible and, above all, multi-purpose. The logo can be used in multiple ways without losing recognisability.

All style elements work for a large arrange of carriers, in both large and small applications. The characteristic marquee is inspired by a combination of an 'R' and a 'framework' (literally translated to Dutch - Raamwerk).

Focus on the details

Every element has received our full attention. We have used specification details from the original blueprints of the frames as inspiration for style elements. It’s also a nod the both founders’ engineering backgrounds.

Focus on durability

Inspired by the right-to-repair movement in the technology world, Raamwerk set out to reimagine this movement within the cycling industry. It should be easy and fun to replace broken parts and elements yourself (if you want to).

Create a custom look with a number of colourations to mix and match parts to your heart’s desire.

Each Raamwerk part has functional details to help you optimise your build, such as component sizes and maximum tightening torque on bolts.

The first set of framesets have race-specific geometry and a focus on durability; giving you back the pleasure of learning to be your own mechanic.

Brand Guidelines

Tools to grow.

We have worked with Raamwerk to give them the tools to continue building up their brand and vision. A focus on the builder’s experience, and a solid framework and brand guidelines enables cohesive product development and asset creation.


Photos by Michiel Maas
Product photos Thijs Kremers and Gerben Bremmer

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