Brand identity, Development & Website

Cleaner hospitals, cleaner environment.

Keeping infections at bay.
Pharmafilter created a unique waste filtration system for hospitals which transforms waste water and organic waste back into usable resources.

We were recruited to translate their innovative offerings into a brand and digital experience that would effectively explain and visualize their complicated product to hospital managers around the world.
  • Branding
  • Proposal / Prototyping
  • Research & Positioning Strategy
  • UI & UX Design
  • Webdesign
The website

An online presence as unique
as the product on offer.

Pharmafilter’s website is a source of information which can be used to back up presentations and meetings. It's intended for hospital management to use as a tool for further research, providing all the information and 'ins and outs' of the machinery’s complex workings. The engaging interface makes it fun to explore the fine details of the system, intelligently presented in a manner which respects the level of knowledge held by those interested.

Pharmafilter website design on mobile, tablet and desktop
Visual Identity

Clean, simple, and sophisticated.

We took Pharmafilter’s existing logo and gave it a make-over, a new coat of paint, and a beautifully refined, modern font to match.


Telling a complicated story through simple icons for digital and print.


Presenting the infrastructure,
systems, and processes.

  • Easy navigation
  • Experience driven 3D imagery
  • Increased conversion through CTAs
  • Brand values always at the forefront
UI Elements

Clear user interface components
making difficult information insightful.

Clever iconography, beautifully clickable buttons, smooth interactions, and illustration are all elements we employed to really increase the usability and enjoyment factor of the website.

Pharmafilter user interface elements design
Modern illustrations

To help explain difficult processes,
we introduced an animated illustrative language.


The product pages
showcasing the benefits.

Pharmafilter's products replace traditional multi step high-risk processes to a single use product, which is then discarded via the system and dissolved into drinkable water.

  • 360° 3D images
  • Old vs new process comparison
  • Benefits are explained with simple icons
  • Product specs described in detail
Pharmafilter compare old and new bedpan design on mobile

The new product pages focus on the benefits of the Pharmafilter process. We designed a clear step by step comparison between the old and the new process, to help viewers understand how Pharmafilter lowers a hospital's risk of contamination.

Pharmafilter mobile page design for Olla
The structure

The heart of the process;
the installation.

The Pharmafilter installation is the heart of the process. It's where all the products and hazardous materials are reclaimed for other purposes, or turned into drinkable water, creating a clean, closed, and eco-friendly waste solution.

Pharmafilter installation glass see through tube that shows water
Pharmafilter installation image of white tubes and a blue steel floor
Pharmafilter installation photo of the blue roof
Pharmafilter installation image of filters
Pharmafilter image of installation
Product overview

Explore Pharmafilter's services and products

In addition to the installation, Pharmafilter's products can also be ordered separately. They can be used with, or without, one of their installations. This makes their new technology accessible to more, and especially, older hospitals.

Pharmafilter product overview page design on tablet
Pharmafilter product pages Olla & Botta overview design

Photography by Pharmafilter (Thorsten Blumenau)
3D Modelling by The Outpost, Amsterdam

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