Development & Webdesign

Weima Maschinenbau
A new international home for a German machinery company.

A service-oriented, innovative website.
Weima needed a complete overhaul of their old website to bring them into the modern day. They wanted to prove why they stand head and shoulders above their competition as one of the world’s leading producers of shredders and briquette presses.
  • Prototyping
  • Research & Positioning Strategy
  • UI & UX Design
  • Webdesign
Modern machines

Innovation and service;
two key areas brought to life.

Weima's new website brings its machinery and service right to the forefront. With large interactive 3D animations, it’s difficult to miss out on Weima’s key offerings. The innovative design and engineering of Weima's machines comes to life on the new website, and turns an often hidden industrial machine into a fully interactive experience.

Weima website shown on tablet, mobile and desktop

We teamed up with an animation studio to bring Weima’s machinery to life, breaking them down into their basic elements. They’re not only fun and interactive, but intended as a statement on how Weima does business - with transparency and honesty.

Visual identity

With an existing brand that they wanted to remain intact, we continued to expand and produce new stylistic elements to bring Weima’s brand into the 21st century.

Weima chatbot service illustrations
Weima Machine line drawings
4 Weima icons used in the website

We produced over 50 hand-drawn machines to give each detail page the feeling of being as unique as the next. Weima prides itself in its range of machinery and ability to customize, so we took this to heart with the level of detail we implemented.


More than just a summary;
a menu to explore.

  • Interactive animated header
  • Puts values above all else
  • Continuous news updates
  • Instant access to machine information
Weima in motion section shown on mobile
Weima homepage shredding slider shown on mobile
The Weima Maschinenbau homepage.

The homepage acts as a summary of everything within Weima’s extensive site. It holds just enough information within it to give you an idea of the company, but has constant points of interaction where visitors can continue to explore.

Weima homepage slider showing the service and briquetting sections

The horizontal homepage slider shows the three main focus areas of Weima's expertise: shredding, briquetting and customer service.

Responsive design

Scalable and easy to use
on any screen size.

No part of the Weima web experience is missing from the responsive web pages. The interactive elements and animations are fully scalable and retain their character and ease of use, allowing visitors to explore the website wherever they are, on any size screen.

Weima 3 mobile phones with different pages
The Weima Maschinenbau shredding page.
The Weima Maschinenbau briquetting page.
Weima shredder families shown on mobile
Overview Pages

Explore many different machines
in one easy to understand page.

  • Instant filtering ability
  • Small chunks of information
  • Machine list overview
  • Large call to action
Weima Maschinenbau workspace
Weima machine image of shredder knife
Photo of a Weima machine's hydraulic press
About Page

We are Weima,
the company culture.

  • Blocks for photos and video integration
  • Highlighted clients
  • Engaging photography
  • Key company timeline
Weima commitment section of the about page shown on mobile
The Weima Maschinenbau about page.

The menu has been designed to make the three main sections as easy to navigate to as possible. These are Weima’s primary areas and the pages where most visitors choose to visit first. The layout has been heavily influenced based on data from interaction and conversion rates.

Weima menu with shredding, briquetting and service items

When hovering over a particular area, the image will expand and take over all three blocks to visually note the importance of these areas.

  • 3D & 2D animated elements
  • Instant contact for quick inquiries
  • Multiple interaction points and buttons
Weima homepage shown on tablet
Weima shredder page shown on tablet
Compare Weima machine models shown on tablet
Weima client logos shown on tablet
Weima future section about page shown on tablet
We are Weima page shown on tablet
Weima briquetting machines overview list
Weima round and square briquette shapes
Weima briquette page shown on tablet

Photography by Weima (Thorsten Blumenau)
3D Modelling by The Outpost, Amsterdam

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