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The power of ideas.
Improve an existing digital product.

Grow, expand, maintain, adapt or revamp an existing digital product to get it ready for the future.

What we can do for you
Every challenge is unique. Our team's flexible approach is carefully curated to deliver a clear, strategic vision. This helps a brand to simply and concisely communicate what they stand for.

Our strategy services explore your brand’s purpose and value, clarifying your intent into one clear path. We narrow your focus to create impact, find your voice, and shape your personality. We spend time getting to know your customers to better understand their goals.

This results in a solid foundation for all brand expressions, and helps you anticipate future prospects. Our goal is to assist you in being better, faster, and more cost effective with your brand.

Brand Campaigns & Strategy

Our team partners with you to define your brand’s current position. We uncover your competitive advantages, your rivals in business, future opportunities, and best areas to take action. We uncover how you connect with your customers by exploring the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ of your brand. This all comes together to create a roadmap and brand positioning statement that drives future development.

Product Strategy & Positioning

This is similar to brand positioning, but specifically focusses on an existing product within a brand or brand ecosystem. We find where your product fits within the market, determine whether it actually works within your ecosystem, and how best to market it to the intended audience.

Competitive Analysis

Analyzing your competition is critical for all emerging, evolving, or established businesses. Identifying strengths and weaknesses helps you to better understand the market and find where you fit within it. This knowledge allows us to more effectively reach your target audience with solutions adjusted to your specific qualities, and ultimately, grow your business.

User (Experience) Research

Digital products need to be shaped to the needs and wants of the users they’re built for. Our team creates personas, empathy maps, and customer journey maps to find out who these users are, and what they want to achieve with your product. We find if there are any restrictions or limitations we need to take into account, fully understanding the user in order to create a viable and inclusive product.

Objectives & Key Results

Inspired by Google's very own OKR-system, we start our projects with a 'success factor'. What does a successful outcome for this project look like? By writing down 5 objectives, each supported by 3 key results, we create a measurable process that benefits us both, and makes ‘success’ quantifiable.

User Stories

We create user stories based on our research. These stories should be short and specific, allowing us to get into the mind of the users we’re designing for. They’re all about being able to empathize with the target audience and understand their needs and goals. They help us define the scope of the project and set the stage for the next step in the process.


Our team often starts with the 'discovery phase'. It’s a research step which provides direction and purpose to the whole team and creates a shared vision of what must be achieved. It highlights potential problems we could face along the way, and considers the current infrastructure of your company, providing suggestions on how this can change / improve to support change. It takes into account many aspects from business goals, user research, customer journey mapping, and competition reviews.

Feature Ideation

After the research phases, we start defining your product features and how these impact the user. To do this, we identify the needs (functional requirements), the wants (enhancements), and desires (gratification) of the users to work out how to create the best possible experience for them. These are the key features which should be included in the design of the new product or system.

Target Audience Segmentation

Understanding your customer is the first step to potential growth. Segmenting them into several groups allows us to be more specific when researching their motivations, behaviors, restrictions and frustrations. As a result we can narrow your brand's focus and identify unique opportunities that could lead to a competitive advantage.

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