Aperçu Apparel

Aperçu Apparel

Aperçu Apparel tells stories worth sharing. We helped them clarify their goals and set a distinctive visual course.

Every item they produce carries a piece of their philosophy, translated into an illustration. Their stories are printed on t-shirts, sweaters, and other apparel. Along the years we’ve created everything from the identity and e-commerce, to social media campaigns and illustrations.

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Brand Positioning
User Experience


2013 — 2017


The name is derived from the word ‘essence’, which means Aperçu in French. Every piece of apparel host both a story in text and an illustration that amplifies the words. Giving (visual) stories a place in modern day streetwear.


All products from Aperçu Apparel proudly carry the Fair Wear seal of approval. Fair Wear is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve working conditions in the fashion industry. The quality of a shirt is important, build from sustainable materials like bio-cotton. Putting the environment first.