Andders does everything a little different, it’s even in their name. They specialize in high-end interior design solutions, using special materials with unique properties.

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Despite being a well-known brand that was on the rise, Andders’ previous name was too generic. Which restricted them from registering their trademarks and at the same time its recognisability was declining due to competitors using comparable names. Besides this, the brand needed to address its new goals. Whereas the old Andders brand focused specifically on micro-concrete, the new brand embraces much more aspects of high-end interior design.


We kept the original meaning of the name ‘Anders’ (different) and actually made it something different by adding a second ‘d’. This small change increased recognizability and memorability, and gave them the opportunity to register their name properly.




We redesigned Andders logo and identity with cues of their textural materials and elegance. In addition, we explored new concepts in photography, art direction and visual language to bring the brand on par with the quality and feel of their premium products. Resulting in a stronger position in the premium market.


The close collaboration with Andders resulted in a brand that is expandable across many different channels. Finally, there’s room for them to grow now that the old confusing name and brand services have made room for a clear vision and elegant appearance.